BISTel: Trailblazer for AI-Driven Smart Manufacturing

BISTel: Trailblazer for AI-Driven Smart Manufacturing

Tom Ho, CEO, BISTelTom Ho, CEO
Given the rapidly changing business and technology environment, manufacturing is getting smart. While striving to stay competitive, now and into the future, the challenge for manufacturers has shifted from collecting device data to analyzing it for decision making. This is precisely where relevant information or Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) comes in, enabling businesses to maximize operational efficiency, make faster and informed decisions, and better accommodate to the dynamic manufacturing environment. With a singular focus on MI, BISTel unveils a robust suite of products and solutions designed to assist manufacturers in competently managing and analyzing their data. The company’s well-wrought solutions can quickly identify deficiencies, suitably control business processes, and make viable decisions to gain competitive edge and profitability.

“We capitalize on latest software technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, and big data to initiate smart manufacturing,” emphasizes Tom Ho, CEO at BISTel America. One of BISTel’s major competitive advantages is that it is a leader in utilizing AI and has deployed AI techniques in its core products, viz., Equipment Engineering System (EES) and Manufacturing Analytics. In a typical manufacturing setting, equipment is key to productivity and quality. In line with demand, BISTel aptly facilitates the upkeep of manufacturing equipment and addresses all EES needs—real time monitoring and fault detection, equipment and process utilization, runtime control optimization, equipment recipe management, as well as predictive maintenance—through its advanced product suite powered by the industry-proven PeakPerformance technology.

When it comes to manufacturing analytics, BISTel brings in a cutting-edge analytic engine, eDataLyzer, that can collect, organize, and analyze manufacturing data from varied sources in a fraction of the time consumed in the manual approach.

Adding value to eDataLyzer is BISTel’s IntelliMine software, an integrated data-mining engine, capable of drawing vital information from large and complex data sets rapidly and more efficiently. IntelliMine’s highly-developed algorithm parses through various data types like sensor, yield, test, and time-series data, to organize them into a unified structure for analysis in a smart fashion.

We capitalize on AI, deep learning, and big data in an endeavor to usher in smart manufacturing

Concurrently, BISTel’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, Joe Lee articulates on the consulting services and support options that the company extends. “We keenly consult with clients so we can delve into any problem and train them on applying our capabilities to their best interests,” says Lee. Significantly enough, BISTel’s uniqueness lies in the way it tackles analysis. While manufacturing processes typically follow univariate analysis (UVA) to monitor a single variable at a time, BISTel goes by multivariate analysis (MVA) where the team analyzes data arising from a combination of variables to determine if the process is in control or otherwise.

Evidently, several clients of BISTel today reap benefits from this modern approach. Here, Ho recalls the case of a process equipment manufacturer that engaged its engineers to run equipment processing and relied heavily on its domain knowledge and experienced personnel. Soon after implementing BISTel’s EES, the client was able to gain a deeper insight into the process as the EES tool captured all the sensor data emerging from the process—temperature, pressure, flow, etc.—in real time while also archiving its past data. After learning specific process parameters, the tool dynamically detects equipment and process abnormalities with minimal user configuration and modeling. The BISTel solution aided the client in significantly reducing system deployment time and time-to-repair, while providing accurate and timely fault detection.

BISTel has already proved its eminence at the 2017 SEMICON West Conference where its recent innovations in AI and big data have garnered effusive acknowledgment. Moving forward, BISTel is planning on expanding its AI capabilities in self-learning, self-modeling, and machine learning in various manufacturing applications.