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Fluxa: Advanced Digital Technologies for Development & Manufacturing

John Miller, Co-founder, FluxaJohn Miller, Co-founder
With a mission to redefine Development and Manufacturing, Fluxa leverages modern, scalable digital architectures specially curated for the Operations space across process design, execution, and analytics. “In working with large bio-pharmaceutical companies, we observed that the Operations value chain was underserved by legacy technologies, putting a tremendous burden on scientists, engineers, and analysts. So, we set out to build Operations-focused products that married the latest digital technologies with a modern browser-based user experience,” says John Miller, Co-founder of Fluxa. The company’s products are backed by a highly modular technology architecture that integrates IT with operations technology (OT) across ISA 88/95 standards in a truly scalable manner. Fluxa’s products seamlessly operate together to manage product recipes, collect and analyze large volumes of discreet, continuous, and unstructured data to improve the manufacturing process.

Miller explains how Fluxa addresses manufacturing and Operations pain points, starting with managing the development process. Fluxa’s product, Scale-UpTM, enables customers to efficiently manage and collaborate on process-based manufacturing recipes and specifications with capabilities such as visual process flows, parameter calculation management, real-time facility-fit, one-click regulatory document creation, and global team collaboration. On its own, Scale-Up provides significant efficiencies and process improvements versus product-focused PLM tools or Excel and document management systems; the impact can be magnified by combining Scale-Up with Fluxa Process AnalyticsTM.

Fluxa Process Analytics can use the recipe context from Scale-Up to seamlessly enable manufacturing data integration and analytics across sites and data sets such as MES, LIMS, Process Historians, ELNs, and others, including instruments and sensors from R&D to the shop-floor. Process Analytics eliminates the need to manually integrate data, thereby enabling process experts to focus on analyzing and improving the process, and not on data engineering.

Underpinning Fluxa’s products is a knowledge management capability that leverages usage patterns, comments, and scenario context to dramatically improve how process insights are captured and made searchable.

Suraj Pai, Co-Founder and Sudheesh Narayanan, Co-Founder, FluxaSuraj Pai, Co-Founder and Sudheesh Narayanan, Co-Founder
This context-driven search can significantly reduce information retrieval for mission-critical requests that can often take weeks or months. Together, Scale-Up and Process Analytics enable an unprecedented level of collaboration, knowledge, and insight management across global sites and functions.

Fluxa’s advanced product architecture is based on a microservices framework that enables customers to deploy specific components as needed. “Our platform is uniquely agnostic of underlying cloud and analytics technologies, which allows our customers to leverage their existing IT investments as well as future-proof their technology architecture. ‘Any stack anywhere’ is at the core of our architectural design philosophy”, says Sudheesh Narayanan, Co-founder of Fluxa. The company also boasts of a strong security model that spans both on-premise as well as cloud-based infrastructures.

We set out to build Operations-focused products that married the latest digital technologies with a modern browser-based user experience

Fluxa’s solutions have proven to be beneficial for a number of customers – one customer estimated saving approximately $1.5 million in the first year using Fluxa’s Scale-Up product to manage their technology transfers. This client estimated that Scale-Up enabled them to conduct technology transfers with fewer resources in a shorter period of time, thereby reducing costs and improving time to market.

Moving ahead, Fluxa plans to continue to enhance their analytics and knowledge management capabilities in the Operations space. According to Suraj Pai, Co-founder of Fluxa, “We are looking to fundamentally transform this space by using advanced digital technologies to break down barriers and promote collaboration and knowledge sharing across the Operations value chain”.