ICONICS: Manufacturing Data Translated into Actionable Intelligence

ICONICS: Manufacturing Data Translated into Actionable Intelligence

Russ Agrusa Founder, President & CEO, ICONICSRuss Agrusa Founder, President & CEO
The manufacturing domain has come a long way in bringing automation to the industry with smart machines, applications, and devices. The industry is no longer new to the concept of Machine Intelligence (MI) however; many firms with labor-intensive and repetitive manufacturing operations still rely on manual approaches. Additionally, the proliferation of platforms and connected devices hoarding large volumes of data is adding on to the complexities of manufacturers that can be addressed with the help of relevant analytics. When it comes to real-time data and analytics for driving operational excellence, “Manufacturing intelligence is evolving,” reveals Russ Agrusa, President and CEO, ICONICS. Addressing the need to achieve operational excellence with interconnectivity, ICONICS is a firm that offers MI suite of solutions to empower production line supervisors, shop floor and supply chain managers, as well as division leads with accurate, real-time information from across disparate enterprise systems.

Founded in 1986, the Foxborough based company’s enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) solution provides visualization, real-time data, and information to employees on the factory floor, processes, and applications, and allows connectivity for increased streamlined business efficiency and improved customer experience. The company’s EMI product portfolio includes BizViz™—a solution that helps gain actionable intelligence for deriving business decisions with the aid of manufacturing data from the plant-floor. ICONICS BizViz™ gathers data from disparate sources and processes and translates them into visual summaries, including dashboards, reports, and graphics. Powered by Microsoft .NET technology, BizViz™ seamlessly connects to critical data sources throughout the enterprise for delivering operation information in real-time.

BizViz™ taps into the various operational areas, from planning to production, quality assurance, and more to address the needs of higher productivity, reduced production cost and improved decision-making. The company’s EMI solution offers a powerful reporting tool— ReportWorX™, delivering the capability to create reports using data integrated from any source within a system. These reports can then be made available to distributed users with BizViz PortalWorX™, allowing users to create and manage manufacturing and business portals, and visualization dashboards for real-time business information and optimization of KPIs.

We have strategically positioned ourselves helping people be more efficient with special set of products geared at optimization for specific vertical markets

In addition, ICONICS’ MI solution also includes functionalities like BridgeWorX™ for real-time transaction of information between OPC manufacturing devices and business information systems. ICONICS MobileHMI translates data to make it available on wireless and web-enabled devices. For personnel that are required to visualize, analyze, and manage alarm information, the firm’s Alarm Analytics™ captures all alarm and event information and provides insight into alarm frequency, priority distributions, hidden correlations, and more.

ICONICS’ Productivity Analytics™ utilizes real-time and accurate manufacturing intelligence for real-time data aggregation and connectivity to multiple data sources. This precisely assists decision makers with valuable insights from their operations. Once, Florida based glass manufacturing organization—PGT Industries had capital plans to expand their manufacturing operations. However, before executing the plans of expansion, the client wanted to test their existing production capacity by installing and applying a productivity analysis tool. ICONICS’ Productivity Analytics™ helped the client to gain transparency on loss of production capacity and also enabled smooth flow of operations.

The firm’s mission to offer improved productivity and highest level of satisfaction to customers and partners drives its culture of innovation, creativity and excellence in product design, and development across multiple verticals. “We have strategically positioned ourselves helping people be more efficient with special set of products geared at optimization for specific vertical markets,” concludes Agrusa.