iDashboards: Telling the Data Story at a Glance

iDashboards: Telling the Data Story at a Glance

Shadan Malik, CEO, iDashboardsShadan Malik, CEO
With large volumes of information flooding in from many disparate systems, manufacturing companies find it challenging to gather reports and capture real-time insights. Though there are a plethora of dashboard solutions available in the market today, many manufactures fail to see and understand their data in a more visual manner. Specializing in data visualization, dashboards and business intelligence, iDashboards provides manufacturers the ability to connect to all data sources in the enterprise and pull them together into an easy-to-read dashboard that provides up-to-date, real-time information. “Our user-friendly data visualization software allows manufacturers to consolidate their data sources including Excel, ERP, MRP and much more, and transform them into interactive charts and graphs that tell their data’s story at a glance,” says Shadan Malik, CEO, iDashboards.

Founded in 2004, iDashboards was inspired by the thought that data is much more insightful when it is interactive, intuitive and intelligent in its presentation. Today, iDashboards enables organizations to gain visibility into their day-to-day activities such as tracking employee productivity, on-time shipments and customer satisfaction among others. The company offers business intelligence software, which is easy-to-use, cost-effective and completely customizable without any coding or programming. By visualizing metrics like materials handling, quality, productivity and waste, manufacturers can make better, more informed decisions. iDashboards’ real-time information can be viewed and understood by all employees from C-Level executives to shop floor and warehouse workers. In addition to helping manufacturers decipher data in a more visual manner, iDashboards also allows them to create dashboards to identify hidden inefficiencies, boost their bottom line and monitor data automatically. The company has a team of dashboard engineers, who offer onsite training for three to five days to support customers with their first dashboard build, and storyboard their dashboard project from start to finish.

Our user-friendly data visualization software allows manufacturers to transform data into interactive charts and graphs that tell their data’s story at a glance

iDashboards serves a broad spectrum of customers, helping them save significant time and money, while reducing manufacturing waste. For instance, the company helped Sleep Innovations, the mattresses manufacturing firm to maintain quality standards by allowing them to gain visibility into sales and operational metrics. Sleep Innovations needed a dashboard solution, which was cost-effective, simple to use and had the capability to display real-time data. The customer partnered with iDashboards as its solution guaranteed real-time insight into data and simplified intricate metrics into easily understandable dashboards. After the implementation of iDashboards’ solution, Sleep Innovations optimized its yield by trimming down scrap waste by over $1 million annually. iDashboards has given them the ability to identify the root cause of waste and develop solutions to curb it.

The highly customizable iDashboards software enables organizations to set up dashboards according to their unique key performance indicators (KPIs) or metrics. Loaded with over 100 chart types, the software enables users to build powerful dashboards through intuitive drill downs and exciting animations with iDashboards’ patented Interactive Intelligence. iDashboards also features a product called iDashboards Data Integrator (iDI), which is a data blending tool that helps organizations to easily mix, match and combine data sources without any coding, programming or IT experience.

Its dynamic visual graphics, cost-effective price and ease of use set iDashboards apart from competitors. Malik observes that, much like other verticals, manufacturing has to deal with increasing data volumes. To take advantage of the growing data resource, it needs to be measured, monitored and managed. “iDashboards will continue to enable this by providing a single platform for dashboards, alerts and data blending,” concludes Malik.