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Quartic.ai: Cutting-Edge Industry 4.0 Solution Provider

Rajiv Anand, CEO & Co-Founder, Quartic.aiRajiv Anand, CEO & Co-Founder
The impact of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Industry 4.0 on a shop floor’s productivity, competitiveness, and agility is resetting the fundamentals of manufacturing. However, manufacturers in mature markets like North America face the challenge of upgrading their legacy infrastructure and a lack of sufficient digital talent for the same; meanwhile, there is an abundance of valuable data and operating experience in the picture. Quartic.ai is a company that has anchored its value proposition at the intersection of expertise in technology and domain expertise in traditional manufacturing to bring about a balance to this equation and mitigate the prevailing challenges. The company focuses on supplying and deploying industrial AI along with IIoT-based solutions to redefine and rationalize the use of legacy assets of enterprises. “Our ultimate goal is to develop a product and a platform that caters to manufacturing industrial users. With Quartic.ai, manufacturers can liberate the stranded intelligence in their plants and enable their subject matter experts and engineers to turn their experience and knowledge into AI applications without extensive data science experience,” asserts Rajiv Anand, the CEO and co-founder of Quartic.ai.

Quartic.ai began their journey by focusing on the life sciences and food and beverage industries. However, with a vision to make an impact on the manufacturing sector, the company started applying AI and IIoT in the primary manufacturing, metals and mineral processing, specialty chemicals and the upstream energy sectors. Also, Quartic.ai works with plant managers, operations managers, VP of operations, and manufacturing departments in order to understand their day-to-day business pains and define AI applications with immediate impact. Additionally, they leverage AI during the requirement gathering phase, which not only gives them an upper hand in capturing “tribal knowledge,” but also allows them to be more customer-oriented, leading to a paradigm shift from selling data science hours to selling outcomes.

With Quartic.ai, manufacturers can liberate the stranded intelligence in their plants and enable their subject matter experts and engineers to turn their experience and knowledge into AI applications

The Quartic.ai platform eXponence® is powered by a modern contextual data pipeline, Illuminator®, that brings data from legacy and new manufacturing OT systems into a common context, ready for creating intelligence with machine learning. Intelligence layer applications like Reckon and MetaTrainer, enable the user to create AI applications by merely focusing on their domain expertise without the need to learn or have any background in programming or coding skills. Meanwhile, Illuminator provides easy access to abstracted processes and equipment insights and data at the edge, and it allows users to create real-time AI applications on contextual data over their existing workflow and OT systems.

The prime motive of Quartic.ai is to deliver and monitor the performance of the industrial assets in realtime so that it helps their clients to avoid production delays, mitigate waste, and predict throughput accurately. “Recovering stranded intelligence allows manufacturers to broaden their focus from automation to operational excellence and value stream optimization. This application of AI for predictive analytics is what defines modern IoT,” Anand adds.

With recent injection of new funding and bold plans to broaden their footprint and service capabilities, Quartic.ai is planning to double their staff strength within six months. “We have hired many data scientists and developers, and we are building our team so that more manufacturing customers can accelerate their AI journey with easy deployment of pilots that can be scaled quickly. We recently launched our first cohort where selected customers can collaborate with us, and we will invest our expertise in their Proof of Concept and early pilots,” concludes Anand.