Rockwell Automation [NYSE: ROK]: Ensuring Operational Effectiveness in Smart Manufacturing

Rockwell Automation [NYSE: ROK]: Ensuring Operational Effectiveness in Smart Manufacturing

Today, there’s a tremendous potential gain in the manufacturing arena available via the Internet of Things (IoT), smart devices, embedded intelligence, and more. Implementing smart devices into plant and processes generates abundance of operational and shop floor data. If data holds the secrets to better business decisions, then advanced analytics is the means to churn data into useful insights for delivering high quality, reliable products with an optimized cost-performance balance and increasingly rapid development cycles. However, manufacturers are critically challenged to find the right tool to integrate and contextualize data from disparate sources and provide real-time analytics for improving operations visibility and facilitating decision-making. To achieve smart, safe, sustainable manufacturing processes, Rockwell Automation [NYSE: ROK]—an industrial automation company offers its FactoryTalk information software portfolio to translate manufacturing data from the plant-floor into actionable information for decision makers at all levels of the business and enterprise.

FactoryTalk Metrics collects, aggregates, and correlates data from disparate sources of the manufacturing and production line. Rockwell’s FactoryTalk information software portfolio enables manufacturers to better visualize and gain insight into production operations, analyze and monitor sources of inefficiencies, poor quality or downtime, as well as provide standardized workflows and procedures to optimize production operations.

FactoryTalk Metrics also enables accurate reporting of real plant-floor activity for better understanding of the real causes of inefficiency, waste, lost capacity, and higher costs. With this accurate data, manufacturers can refine, streamline, and prioritize the process improvement initiatives—resulting in reduced downtime and decreased cycle time. Leveraging the firm’s FactoryTalk Metrics, users can access data from anywhere including shop floor devices, PCs, or mobile phones or tablets in order to make smart decisions that increase productivity. In addition, Rockwell also provides security services that are integrated into the FactoryTalk directory for secure data access control.

With FactoryTalk Metrics software, key performance indicators and other vital data are easily accessible via web browser. This enables manufacturers to organize and present contextual, real-time machine and line data in an integrated way–whereby plant management can establish meaningful production metrics beyond an improved overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) score to achieve significant cost reductions.

By implementing FactoryTalk Metrics software, plant management has the granular answers for the downtime losses and the root cause for the fault or line stoppages. One of Rockwell’s clients, a global cosmetic manufacturer has recently added a new line to its plant to increase production quantities of mascaras and lip glosses. The plant management expected the new line to yield an outcome of about 100 to 200 containers per minute. However, once the production went online, the manufacturers were frustrated with the frequent line stoppages— logging an incredible amount of downtime and affecting the overall equipment efficiency. To efficiently monitor, collect and analyze data for calculating and visualizing OEE on plant-floor operations, the engineers configured the FactoryTalk software from Rockwell Automation into the multiple plant-floor information systems. With new, granular manufacturing intelligence, the cosmetics manufacturer was able to easily evaluate line deficiencies and identify requisite improvements.

With the best-in-class software, the firm has plans to extend its services globally and serve more customers by staying true to its philosophy with innovation at the core and pure commitment to the success of its customers in the global manufacturing landscape. To keep manufacturers at the forefront of automation knowledge and best practices, Rockwell will continue to offer more assessment services, instructor-led training, and e-learning products—based on the workforce requirements.