Sightline Systems: Unlocking the Value of IIoT Data

Sightline Systems: Unlocking the Value of IIoT Data

Brandon Witte, CEO, Sightline SystemsBrandon Witte, CEO
IIoT is connecting manufacturing in ways never before imagined. The connected devices, sensors, apps and networks, which are all part of the IIoT infrastructure, generate massive amounts of data that can be leveraged to build smarter manufacturing. Identifying this potential, Fairfax, VA-based Sightline Systems offers Enterprise Data Management (EDM), a comprehensive manufacturing analytics solution to collect, retain, visualize, monitor and analyze IIoT machine data in real time to streamline operations and improve profitability.

Rather than manually downloading data into Excel spreadsheets, manufacturers can leverage Sightline EDM to automatically capture, store, analyze, correlate and display thousands of data tags from production runs, plant operations and energy consumption in millisecond increments. The analytic solution comes with pre-built data integration capabilities that allow manufacturers to ingest a wide variety of data from any connected device, including industrial PLCs, RFs, sensors, microprocessors and more. EDM provides real-time data visualization and analytics allowing manufacturers to proactively identify problems and uncover hidden patterns, as well as implement strategies to increase uptime, automate shop-floor processes, and establish a stronger ROI. This, in turn, helps drive significant operational cost reductions throughout the plant production cycle, without losing valuable production time, materials and processes. “We achieve all of this by tailoring the solution for any user to seamlessly visualize and analyze their data. Prior to our solution, this type of analysis would require a highly skilled data scientist,” explains Brandon Witte, CEO, Sightline Systems.

Sightline EDM marks its unique presence in the market as the only manufacturing analytics solution that is designed to collect data in millisecond intervals and make it available instantly for further analysis.

Sightline EDM is the only manufacturing analytics solution designed to collect data in 10-millisecond intervals

Sightline’s millisecond data speed was verified by one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers as the industry’s fastest, most accurate data collection and analytics solution.

Over the years, Sightline System’s breakthrough technology has been assisting industrial and manufacturing customers to improve efficiency and achieve their business goals through real-time analysis of manufacturing operations, including processes such as incorrect valve identification, process bottlenecks, product formula hypotheses testing, energy waste in electric motors, improper pump PSI, and multivariable quality control batch tracking. In one instance, Sightline Systems assisted an automobile manufacturer in conducting an analysis of the production line to understand the reason for high defects on car doors during the painting process, specifically on Mondays each week. Sightline Systems installed EDM and collected a variety of data from the paint process, including environmental conditions and exhaust system operations. By correlating quality data with the environmental systems and conditions the firm quickly found the root cause of the quality issues—particulate matter that had settled over the weekend became airborne when starting the HVAC systems on Mondays. Until the air could be sufficiently filtered, the excessive dust in the air caused blemishes in the paint that had to be manually remediated. Identifying this one issue provided significant cost savings for the customer as it was a very expensive process to fix the blemishes.

For more than 12 years, Sightline has reported a 98 percent renewal rate from customers in 15 countries that include many Fortune 50 and Global 100 companies in automotive, packaging, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, utility, airlines, finance, and telecommunications, as well as federal, state and local governments. Sightline Systems recently launched next-generation, time series data storage capabilities in EDM version 5.4 and has other product updates planned for later this year. “Forging ahead, our focus is to expand Sightline Systems’ reach geographically across Eastern Europe and South America,” concludes Witte.