Top 10 Manufacturing Intelligence Solution Companies - 2021
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Top 10 Manufacturing Intelligence Solution Companies - 2021


Manufacturers are no strangers to automation. Since the first steam-powered machines, the manufacturing industry has focused on providing better products – and particularly through automating processes, lowering operating costs, and boosting quality for more than 50 years. Recently it was reported in a survey on AI adoption in manufacturing revealing that 93 percent of companies believe AI will be a crucial technology to drive growth and innovation. But, as the industry expands its use of AI, it also faces growing challenges of shorter time-to-market deadlines, increasingly complex products, and strict quality regulations and standards.

Organizations across all industries are discovering that experienced data scientists and AI professionals are scarce and difficult to hire. AI projects require an interdisciplinary team of data scientists, ML engineers, software architects, and BI analysts and SMEs. Many businesses do not have and cannot afford to deploy these resources for a single data-science project. And, when you have multiple data-science projects to execute, it becomes even more difficult to scale to deliver on time. An ecosystem that offers compatible components that use standard rules and frameworks to connect to ERP, MES, and PLC/SCADA systems will address issues with interoperability. OPA UA is becoming the essential protocol for Industry 4.0 communication and data modelling.

While most AI traditionally uses ‘black box’ models, new approaches to data science provide more transparency into the full AI pipeline. This includes insight into the detailed process to transform the raw data into the inputs of machine learning and how the ML model produces predictions by combining hundreds of or even more features. By giving insight about how the prediction models work and the reasoning behind predictions, manufacturing organizations can build greater trust in the models and resulting business insights produced.

Central to a successful AI program is deploying a data-science automation platform that can integrate seamlessly with your current systems and solutions, and can automate the full data science life-cycle, freeing SMEs to focus on the results of your AI and machine learning applications, not the headaches of the data science process.

We present to you, “Top 10 Manufacturing Intelligence Solution Providers - 2021.”

    Top Manufacturing Intelligence Solution Companies

  • Arcus Servo Motion, a manufacturer and global supplier of advanced motion control solutions is helping the development of smart factories with its patented motion analytics solution and a new generation of servo motor controllers. The company has been at the forefront of developing truly innovative technologies that address the needs for intelligence, connectivity, and embedded analytics in motion control systems. The company’s 2ndSight solution can monitor motion systems in real-time, collect and analyze data, and make mission-critical decisions to prevent failure and downtime

  • Tulip builds apps for all shop-floor needs with intuitive visual development. Automation has done a lot for manufacturing, but the most complex tasks are still done by people. People still run the factories, people still do the most challenging assemblies and service the machines. Tulip's goal is to help them do a better job, putting the latest technologies to work on their behalf

  • With its unique shop floor solutions, the company is aiding manufacturing companies to remodel shop floor operations, improve workflow efficiencies, and streamline product lifecycles, so that they can stay viable in a competitive business environment. Notably, the company’s Ujigami Product Directed Manufacturing System (PDMS) assists an operator in streamlining the workflow, from scheduling to device control and advanced mistake-proofing, with interactive graphical work instructions. Complementing software is Tutelar’sUjigami Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Ujiboard World Class Manufacturing (WCM) system. And, the last piece of the offering is an integrated Visual Management System to help management teams collaborate with the workforce better through regular meetings, key performance indicators, and follow up of action items

  • Ectobox


    Ectobox is an Industrial Intelligence solutions company. They help manufacturing companies operate more efficiently and grow. They specialize in solving challenges on the plant floor with Industrial IoT/Data Driven Manufacturing, ISA-95, and high-end software consulting and development. Ectobox is passionate about using industry best practices and open technologies to solve complex challenges. They also have a track record of exceeding customer expectations

  • Global Efficiency Intelligence

    Global Efficiency Intelligence

    Global Efficiency Intelligence is an energy, climate, and environmental research and consulting firm in the U.S. They provide global market-based solutions and in depth technology, systems, industry, business, and policy analyses related to the industry sector. They work with experts in government, industry, nonprofit, utilities, academia, and other entities to conduct their analyses and develop impactful practical solutions. The firm offers Modeling and Analysis, Policy Design and Evaluation, Technology and Industry Roadmapping, Market Research, and Training and Capacity Building services

  • LillyWorks


    LillyWorks cloud-based Manufacturing ERP is designed specifically for small manufacturers. It increases visibility to the shop floor & helps manufacturers deliver on time by considering unplanned variability on the shop floor. Built-in Protected Flow Manufacturing (PFM) helps manufacturers take control of their production schedules by constantly prioritizing jobs to minimize wait times and maximize on-time delivery

  • MachineMetrics


    MachineMetrics is manufacturing’s first Industrial IoT Platform for Machines. They transform analytics into action through universal machine connectivity, cloud data Infrastructure, and communication workflows that optimize machine operation. Extensible both in the cloud and at the edge, the MachineMetrics platform is powering vertically-focused use cases for manufacturers to digitize legacy manufacturing processes and drive more profitability with their machines

  • Prevedere


    Prevedere is the leader in external data and predictive analytics software for intelligent forecasting. Through millions of global data sets, AI-powered econometric modeling, and deep economic expertise, Prevedere identifies and leverages external leading drivers for business performance. Integrating Prevedere insights into your planning process creates a significant competitive advantage in a world that is changing faster and with more volatility than ever before

  • Vendavo


    At Vendavo, they empower global B2B companies to unlock unlimited commercial growth + profitability with industry-best pricing and sales solutions. And they’ve been doing it for over twenty years. Whether you’re looking for a CPQ solution or for deep Pricing Optimization, Vendavo has the proven-in-practice solutions and expertise to help you reach your goals



    Intelligent signal technology - for the world of today and tomorrow Clever solutions that simply work – this has been our goal at WERMA for decades, and customers from all over the world consistently confirm their fulfillment of this philosophy. They continue to set the standards for modern signal technology - and define their future: for the past twenty years with modular signal towers as the industry standard, and today with networked, intelligent system solutions