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Top 10 Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions Companies - 2022

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a digital transformation. Manufacturing has reached a critical tipping point because to the technologies underpinning Industry 4.0, which include IIoT, AI, and cloud. Manufacturers must either embrace digital transformation of their operations and procedures immediately or risk falling behind their competition. According to a PWC report, manufacturers would spend more than $70 billion on technology by 2022 to satisfy the demands of Industry 4.0. They’ll be installing new technology to boost the factory’s production intelligence (MI).

Harnessing the power of data analytics, MI can monitor a factory’s entire infrastructure, know what machines are not performing to the specificity, and improve overall efficiency. MI also provides enterprises the capability to apply analytics and reporting techniques to operations and business data at the site, regional, and global levels. Unlike dashboards, simple reports, and portal solutions, MI allows contextualization of factory floor information by combining data from multiple sources.

Sensor-embedded machinery and industrial equipment are becoming more ubiquitous on the manufacturing floor. These sensors capture data from each piece of equipment and send it to the cloud or software, where it can be evaluated for feedback on the manufacturing process and to improve each step of the supply chain. Manufacturers can use virtual and augmented reality to build testing environments during the manufacturing process, allowing them to make tweaks or try out new design ideas without needing to hold a physical replica of the product in their hands.

Virtual reality works in tandem with physical components to improve data collection and monitoring. A robotic arm, for example, performs its duty while a virtual arm collects data about the equipment, allowing for better predictive maintenance. Cloud computing is growing more powerful. To construct more sophisticated factories, manufacturers are turning to the cloud. They use IIoT sensors in some of this, but they also see the cloud as a method to develop robotic solutions. Smaller manufacturers will be able to outsource parts of the technology as part of a robotics-as-a-service model, lowering their investment costs.

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    Top Manufacturing Intelligence Solution Companies

  • Ujigami provides built-in knowledge that will establish new standards and best practices by controlling each operation, and monitoring and reporting plant KPIs, to translate that knowledge for each piece of equipment—from legacy machines all the way to the latest technology.

  • aPriori


    aPriori delivers strategic insights for Manufacturers to continuously decide how to design a product and where to manufacture it to optimize cash flow, accelerate revenue growth and improve margin. This unique collaborative platform, combines Product Cost Management, Design for Manufacturability and Sustainability, and Supplier Collaboration capabilities

  • Arcus Servo Motion

    Arcus Servo Motion

    Arcus Servo Motion is a U.S. manufacturer and global supplier of advanced motion control solutions. Arcus team has provides advanced motion control solutions for companies in various industries such as robotics, packaging equipment, semiconductor manufacturing, medical devices, and more

  • Braincube


    Braincube simplifies industrial transformation journey. Their IIoT platform, digital twins, and advanced apps help manufacturers save time, money, and resources. Braincube’s suite of tools and teams of industry experts make client’s job more convenient and results more achievable

  • Denison Technologies

    Denison Technologies

    Denison Technologies fuels global industry and large commercial clients by connecting their automation and information landscapes. Their power quality and energy management solutions are at the core of ongoing operations, profitability, and sustainability. Denison connects the automation and the information worlds - delivering industrial grade, engineered sustainable solutions

  • Dploy Solutions

    Dploy Solutions

    The Dploy Solutions suite of digital manufacturing software empowers manufacturers to take a realistic approach to digital transformation. The Dploy Solutions suite of smart manufacturing technology and digital manufacturing solutions is designed to connect organizational strategy to daily activity at all levels of organization, all the way down to the shop floor

  • Intrumental


    Instrumental is a Manufacturing Optimization System, designed for rapid adoption by engineering and operations teams to provide tangible improvements to yield, uptime, throughput, efficiency, time to market, and end user delight. Their technology digitizes and aggregates product data, processing it with smart algorithms. They present engineers and operations teams with actionable information that enables them to optimize their product and process

  • Pepite


    PEPITe helps in effectively implementing AI and Advanced Analytics to optimize client’s manufacturing processes. Based on client and project team feedback, PEPITe continuously invests in research and development, closely collaborating with several universities, to integrate state-of-the-art technology in terms of Advanced Analytics, machine learning and web development

  • Pluto7


    Pluto7 Consulting is focused on building machine learning, artificial intelligence, and analytics solutions to accelerate business transformation. They are a tech-enabled services and solutions, platform over a platform company for expertise on-demand so decision makers can finally, responsibly make data driven decisions to drive their business growth

  • Sightline Systems

    Sightline Systems

    Sightline Systems offers a real-time operations intelligence solution focused on analytics, root-cause analysis, performance management, correlation of data and predictive analysis from any source — critical IT systems including mainframes, applications, storage and databases — as well as manufacturing systems including programmable logic controllers (PLC), microprocessors, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) devices, sensors, actuators and loggers