Atollogy is Unique in Creating a Digital Twin of All Your Physical Operations

Tony Tarantino, PhD, Senior Industry Advisor, AtollogyTony Tarantino, PhD, Senior Industry Advisor, Atollogy
Monitoring How People Interact with Equipment & Vehicles Improves Productivity,Quality and Safety

Atollogy’s computer vision using deep learning algorithms can digitize any physical operation with 24x7 monitoring, analytics, and alerts. What makes Atollogy unique is its ability to monitor how people, materials, equipment and vehicles interact with each other. Other IIOT solutions using sensors specialize in monitoring equipment or vehicles, but do not capture how people interact with them. Only by monitoring people interactions with the equipment, materials and vehicles they are operating is it possible improve productivity, quality and safety.

Atollogy’s technology is agnostic and is helping a wide variety of industries including electrical components, machining, laminated plastics, electronic assemblies, cement plants, aggregate quarries, and hot asphalt facilities. The processes span the entire manufacturing and distribution cycle from fabrication to assembly to loading docks.

Big Data Computer vision is one of the most exciting applications of artificial intelligence that is going to replace virtually all passive/dumb camera systems in the coming years. It is creating valuable new insights, but like other applications creating big data, computer vision works best when data science is used to evaluate and present the data in a user-friendly manner. Atollogy’s answer is simple: Atollogy’s computer vision solution provides data analytics and customized dashboards to each of its clients’ requirements, whether they are large global operations or smaller organizations.
With Atollogy, there is no need to hire data scientists.

Client Benefits With over 30 sites up and running, Atollogy’s clients report benefits after the first few weeks in operation:

• Productivity improvement of 10% to 30%by identifying and eliminating waste and bottlenecks

• Improved customer satisfaction and visibility levels for key accounts by tracking on-time performance in real-time

• More productive continuous improvement projects by automating labor-intensive data gathering and data analytics

• Enhance employee training by capturing and sharing best practices with newer employees

• Improved safety by detecting workplace safety violations – identifying areas and people that need additional training or need to be reassigned.

Improved Safety There are dozens of solutions that read machine and vehicle data, but only with computer vision can you be assured safety regulations are being followed. With computer vision it is possible to send an alert when:

- An employee steps in an area that is deemed not safe

- An employee is standing behind a vehicle that is moving

- An employee is not wearing safety equipment – hardhat, safety glasses, etc.

Summary Atollogy’s computer vision uses A.I. with deep learning algorithms to automate the age-old practice of management by walking around. Unlike humans, computer vision operates around the clock and never takes a break from the action, running in even the most adverse conditions, and never forgets. Real-time alerts warn of problem areas as they happen, not after the fact. Process improvement is greatly simplified by capturing every transaction 24x7. Management by fact is now a reality with a visual and time-stamped record of the interaction of people, equipment, and products.
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