Northwest Analytics: Real-Time Analytics for Intelligent Manufacturing

Northwest Analytics: Real-Time Analytics for Intelligent Manufacturing

Current manufacturing systems, while capable of handling their original missions, are ill-equipped to convert big data into meaningful Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI), which is essential for organizations to be efficient and profitable. Most of the manufacturing information and process control systems are good at collecting data and managing specific processes, but they fail to provide real-time analytics. EMI enables organizations to take quick and educated decisions, enhancing performance of various manufacturing processes. “Today’s modern manufacturer recognizes the critical need to move from a paradigm of inspecting and rejecting bad product to predicting and preventing issues with analytics during the production process,” begins Bob Ward, CEO, Northwest Analytics. “Across the range of manufacturing verticals, companies of all sizes are unlocking the value of their existing process data with NWA Focus EMI to control and improve processes in real time.”

Companies of all sizes are unlocking the value of their existing process data with NWA Focus EMI

Portland, OR based Northwest Analytics (NWA) delivers best-in-class EMI and SPC (Statistical Process Control) software solutions to effectively manage and improve processes in manufacturing enterprises and supply chains. The company’s NWA Focus EMI scans all manufacturing process systems and data sources with an easily deployable integration layer without adding redundant storage or interfering with existing infrastructure operations. NWA Focus EMI compliments, amplifies, and multiplies the value of existing systems by integrating, aggregating, and analyzing process data in real-time to deliver role-specific visualization of the true operating status.

In one instance, Palmer Foundry, a manufacturer of high-end aluminum castings, needed an EMI system to meet current and prospective customer guidelines for quality assurance. Palmer’s data wasn’t easily accessible to the users, and had a small, already over-burdened IT department. Northwest Analytics’ NWA Focus EMI connected directly to Palmer’s original data and delivered real-time actionable information. The solution improved process and supply chain issues in real time, saving USD 70,000 on a single issue. “We needed a solution that was easily learned and adopted, and NWA Focus EMI was just that,” says Jim Lagrant, General Manager, Palmer Foundry.

The core version of NWA Focus EMI—NWA Focus EMI Core—aggregates data from all process sources such as Historians, LIMS and Quality Information Systems, MES, ERP as well as custom and dedicated sources. It provides a platform for defining data aggregated across multiple data sources and supports established models such as ISA-95. NWA Focus EMI Core includes a full suite of manufacturing centered analytics, SPC, pattern and trend detection, process capability, and support for advanced methods such as multivariate modeling.

NWA has also engineered Accelerated EMI—the next generation of NWA Focus EMI. Accelerated EMI uses fast and simple direct data connections to tap into existing data silos without the need of data duplication and data warehouses. NWA has further categorized NWA Focus EMI into two key modules—NWA Focus EMI KnowledgeBase and NWA Focus EMI Collaboration—to capture and proliferate best practices. These unique functional modules accelerate the ability to resolve pressing operational issues through manufacturing-focused collaboration.

Numerous major global companies have adopted NWA software as their standard product for real-time data analytics. “Our participation in the research and development of next generation technologies goes to the core of who we are as a company as we are committed to continue to provide manufacturers ways to dramatically increase efficiency and productivity,” concludes Ward.