Sage Clarity: Where Manufacturing Meets Clarity

Sage Clarity: Where Manufacturing Meets Clarity

CIO VendorJohn Oskin, CEO
Digitalization is beginning to take shape in the manufacturing setting. With the escalating utilization of smartphones and social media, the challenges for manufacturers boil down to keeping up with the “hyper-enabled workforce of the future.” They need to gear up and make provisions for the mobility that has trickled down into business operations. To assist in this, Sage Clarity has developed cutting-edge manufacturing and supply chain solutions by combining best-of-breed software capabilities with unique advisory services. In pursuit of powering the hyper-information-enabled manufacturing processes, the company is driving a mobile initiative with its supply-chain metrics dashboard, One View. As the name suggests, One View brings together data of manufacturing operations from disparate sources to provide managers and executives immediate visibility into operational metrics with defined time periods.

Get the right supply chain metrics to the right people at the right time

One View enables the inclusion of in-context social collaboration, in which users are allowed to engage with each other through messaging with context around the data. “An executive using One View can send a text to everyone on the network, and can see his comment posted along with the data view he was looking at when he made the comment, which is quite powerful,” adds John Oskin, CEO, Sage Clarity. Besides provisioning real-time information and intuitive dashboards and scorecard data views, One View also includes a goal-setting module with what-if analysis, allowing executives at any level of the company to view real-time performance data and collaborate with managers responsible for those metrics. “Unlike all the ‘big data’ approaches that take a deep dive into massive sets of numbers, One View performs a shallow dive on the data. It skims along the surface, looking for opportunities where a company can run production more efficiently.

To provide great value and adoption for mobile enterprise applications, Industry knowledge and domain expertise are keys to success

And since it’s a shallow dive, you get actionable results immediately,” says one of Sage Clarity’s satisfied clients that embraced speed, visibility, and accountability in supply chain KPIs with One View.

Sage Clarity’s core competency is rooted in leveraging best-of-breed software applications like Epicor MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) products and InfinityQS quality solutions that facilitate Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) to provide real-time visibility of manufacturing operations. One View brings these and a variety of other plant floor applications together into a common enterprise view where insight is leveraged across the applications.

What’s next for Sage Clarity

Sage Clarity’s evolution as a forerunner in the manufacturing intelligence domain can be credited to Oskin’s leadership that brings in profound business process understanding and rich industrial knowledge. “To provide great value and adoption for mobile enterprise applications, industry knowledge and domain expertise are keys to success,” states Oskin.

With a set methodology and competent solution set, the firm envisions enabling real-time visibility and collaboration across the extended supply chain in the future. This places the company in a unique position to assist organizations serving retail customers and B2B clients. From a technology perspective, the firm has been developing its offering as individual building blocks of metric apps to snap together to build a composite application. To execute this proposition, the company is working on another project: a framework and data model to use across the supply chain. At its core, the conviction inside the company is to solve the quintessential conundrum of bridging manufacturers with advanced technology to facilitate the hyper-information-enabled enterprise of the future.