Sightline Systems: Real-time Operations Intelligence for Manufacturing

Sightline Systems: Real-time Operations Intelligence for Manufacturing

Brandon Witte, President & CEO, Sightline SystemsBrandon Witte, President & CEO
As the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) becomes the norm in today’s industrial space, many manufacturers struggle to identify meaningful ways to convert data into actionable intelligence due to the sheer quantity of data being produced. Every sensor, SCADA system, PLC, network, server, device and application constantly generates volumes of valuable data. Sightline Systems’ Enterprise Data Management (EDM) enables manufacturers to unlock insight gleaned from IIoT data to make better business decisions.

“Manufacturers capitalize on IIoT by gathering more data from sensors and systems and utilizing it to make proactive business decisions,” comments Brandon Witte, President and CEO of Sightline Systems. “EDM is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry by helping our customers actually use this data to increase uptime, automate shop-floor processes, and establish a strong ROI,” Witte continues. “We do this by making it very easy to visualize and analyze this data. Prior to Sightline, this type of analysis would require a data scientist with extensive statistics and analytics experience. Our software turns our users into data scientists so that they can make better business decisions faster.”

Sightline Systems, a real-time operations intelligence solution company focused on improving end-to-end analytics, offers its proprietary EDM tool to help manufacturers optimize performance, reduce operational issues and automate capacity planning.

“The state-of-the-art EDM software captures, monitors, visualizes and analyzes diverse data streams across the plant. EDM is the only software with the ability to collect thousands of metrics every millisecond and analyze it in real-time. Access to this data allows manufacturers to better understand patterns and trends, providing opportunities for manufacturers to proactively identify problems and implement strategies to improve output and ultimately gain a competitive edge,” comments Witte.

In addition to Sightline’s EDM tool, manufacturers use Sightline Assure, a simple yet powerful monitoring solution, to analyze hundreds of real-time system metrics to optimize performance.

EDM is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry by helping our customers use data to increase uptime, automate shop-floor processes, and establish a strong ROI

Sightline Assure maintains the health and availability of mission-critical servers, software applications, network devices, storage arrays or other peripherals.

“The Assure tool ensures that mission-critical applications are continuously up and running, with no downtime or data loss,” comments Witte. “It also provides full-visibility into the IT and OT environments and boils down thousands of metrics into easy-to-understand and actionable notifications. This advanced alerting capability helps manufacturers detect system flaws ahead of time and remedy issues quickly to speed up production, thereby providing opportunities for product improvement.”

Customers that implement Sightline’s solutions have noted enhanced efficiency, improved accuracy and increased profitability. Manufacturers become better, faster and stronger by leveraging time series data, predictive analysis, visualization, and advanced alerting capability to advance operations. For instance, an automobile manufacturer used the Sightline Systems’ solution to conduct an analysis of the production line to understand the reason behind higher blemishes on a certain day. In less than five minutes, EDM was able to diagnose an issue with the painting line. Correction of the issue has saved the manufacturer more than $2 million per year.

“Manufacturers that use Sightline products can immediately take advantage of insight gleaned to enhance quality, ensure safety, lower production costs, and gain a competitive edge,” states Witte. “By showcasing how performance data can help solve some of the most pressing manufacturing challenges, we are poised for solid growth.”

Forging ahead, the firm continues to invest in its software offerings to provide manufacturers with highly sophisticated analytics in real time to substantially improve production runs. “We are excited about Sightline’s future as our EDM for IIoT software provides unforeseen real-time visibility into manufacturing operations enabling manufacturers to attain a competitive advantage,” concludes Witte.