Sisense: Winning With Data

Sisense: Winning With Data

Amir Orad, CEO, SisenseAmir Orad, CEO “Every company on this planet is sitting on an untapped goldmine of data, which is now only used for operations and to deliver services,” begins Amir Orad, CEO, Sisense. However, this data can be mined and leveraged to provide better insights and analytics to end-users. There is a huge opportunity to embed analytics and deliver insights to the stakeholders in a particular business environment, but most companies are yet to take its advantage to the fullest. The manufacturing industry is no exception. Manufacturers keep sharp eyes on new ways to boost productivity and maximize profit margins but often overlook that their data holds the key to improve operations, optimize pricing strategies, and streamline fulfillment processes. Time and again, manufacturing firms fail to unlock the power of data to gain insights. “This is something that Sisense is very focused on—with emphasis on data agility and analytics,” asserts Orad.

"Sisense platform’s undergirding technologies, in-chip engine and single-stack architecture, are the foundations of the platform"

Sisense acts as a translator of manufacturing data, making them fluent for clients to instantly discover relevant insights and simultaneously take informed and data-driven actions. The company’s agile BI platform bridges the gap between users and Sisense business analytics software that prepares and analyzes data from disparate sources to make faster and smarter decisions. By analyzing complex IoT data and mining historical data from legacy systems, the platform allows users to decode game-changing answers. Answers regarding product quality, trends, and impact of production downtime, and ways to maximize productivity and reduce labor costs— are now at the fingertips of the users via dashboards that help them track the relevant metrics for each of their manufacturing departments.

For instance, not all manufacturing lines are 100 percent productive which means, there are tremendous opportunities for improvement. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is one of the key performance indicators (KPIs) in determining a truly productive manufacturing line. Sisense’s OEE dashboard not only presents the OEE statistics but also displays the availability of the equipment, performance, and quality of produced goods to maintain best practices in the production lines. Similarly, while arranging merchandise in a warehouse, it’s paramount to perform tasks in a manner that reduces the time to collect and move the merchandise in future.

Sisense acts as a translator of manufacturing data, making them fluent for clients to instantly discover relevant insights and simultaneously take informed and data-driven action

It is also important to allocate enough inventory on the shelves to minimize the amount of replenishes. By implementing Sisense’s manufacturing BI platform, manufacturers can access the warehouse optimization dashboard that provides them with relevant warehousing data to improve worker performance in the warehouse, thereby, reducing labor costs and redundant workforce.

The benefits of Sisense’s manufacturing BI platform spans across a myriad of manufacturing units and has proven to be a catalyst for smart decision-making. Critical decisions can be easily made based upon the crucial metrics that Sisense delivers to the manufacturers. The metrics help in determining the ability of the product or the service to meet customers’ expectations or aptness for the customer’s intended use. Today, the manufacturing industry is gaining a competitive advantage by leveraging Sisense BI software, which is fast to implement and provides real-time data analysis and visualization.

A case in point is Gentex, a leading supplier of personal protection and situational awareness systems for global defense forces, emergency responders, and industrial personnel operating in high-performance environments. While they had more than 100 years of experience in product development and manufacturing, their business was run on an expensive, 30-year old ERP system which was riddled with complex customization. Gentex needed a BI tool that could leverage their sales and operations planning data and present them swiftly through user dashboards. The client required a solution that could harmonize with their existing system having millions of records for data analysis and deliver the necessary intelligence faster. Gentex came across Sisense quite early in their process of finding an apt solution. The favorable results from the proof of concept conducted initially allowed the client to rapidly connect Sisense BI platform to their ERP system. The subsequent steps of building dashboards for sales and operational planning were quite smooth. Having a simple drag and drop interface, users could now have easy access to quality data. With dashboards incorporating scores of data on quotes, orders, and sales over extended periods of time, the client could get accurate, up to date information, and answer to key questions related to where the company stood on its budget. The upshot was that Gentex was able to increase their eCommerce sales by 50 percent in just six months. This success story makes it evident that Sisense takes every measure to ensure its clients get true business value from their intuitive BI software.

From global manufacturing enterprises to small, innovative startups, companies around the world leverage the power of Sisense BI platform to effortlessly combine large volumes of data from a variety of sources and extract the required insights at any given point in time.

The Secret Sauce

Sisense platform’s undergirding technologies, In-Chip Engine and Single-Stack Architecture, are the foundations of the platform. The open Single-Stack Architecture combines database, extract, transform, load (ETL) process, analytics, and visualization. It has an open API framework which makes room for customization according to clients’ needs. On the other hand, the company’s In-Chip Engine technology is the best-in-class analytics engine that is 10-100 times faster than in-memory solutions and can easily handle terabytes of data. The In-Chip Engine technology eliminates the tedious task of data preparation by gleaning data from multiple sources, combining relevant data instantly, and cleansing them for error-free analysis. To keep the technology design afresh, Sisense leverages machine learning in its platform, which augments smarter insights by anomaly detection. These capabilities transform Sisense into an enabler that unlocks the data potential for manufacturing companies.

The conventional tools— Tableau, Qlik, and Excel—were very good at providing users the ability to visualize their datasets, making the process more intuitive and consumable to those users. “Sisense has taken these tools to the next level, giving users the ability to analyze complex data sets—moving away from mere visualization to true complex data analysis,” claims Orad. Sisense empowers manufacturing decision makers by enabling them to take control of the data analysis activity, which historically required the input of technical staff or data experts. However, Orad reckons that there still exists an opportunity ahead of them to reap complete advantage of AI and machine learning even further. “We’re proud to be at the forefront of these trends at the moment, but there is still a lot more that can be done as the technology evolves,” says Orad.

Orad expresses that they have a simple formula that has led the company to the heights of success. They innovate ahead of the market, consistently, and in ways that make business users more capable and powerful in handling their data challenges. Every new step that the company takes is to empower business users easily get the answers they need from complex data. “This commitment to consistent innovation, execution, and customer success directly translates into a product that is simple to use, provides better results, and offers higher return on investment,” concludes Orad.

- Akanksha Minz
    October 03, 2018